The Linkbacks Working Group is excited to announce that the final version of the RIXML Investment Research Linkback Technical Implementation Guide v1.0 is now available.

As noted during the comment period, this guide covers the technical aspects of implementing a linkback strategy. Embargoes, entitlements, and other business-side topics are out of scope for this document; however, we have noted the need for these issues to be discussed during a linkback implementation project. We envision RIXML creating best practice guidance for these areas in the future, to be used alongside this linkback guide.

Please feel free to share this document with the relevant individuals and groups in your firm, or direct them to

Many RIXML member firms are planning to embark on linkback initiatives in 2022. The Linkbacks Working Group encourages firms to share their experiences and let us know how we can adjust and enhance the information in version 1 of the Linkbacks Technical Implementation Guide as we work to create version 2.

If you or someone at your firm would like to participate in the Linkback Working Group going forward, please let the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. know and we will add you to the contact list.

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