RIXML Quarterly Meeting

October 2019

Yesterday, RIXML was honored to have our quarterly meeting in the Hamilton Conference Room of the NYSE, hosted by Intercontinental Exchange. RIXML.org is grateful to Aram Flores, VP, Fixed Income Analytics at ICE for providing us with the opportunity to meet in this storied venue, and to Paul Kenyon, Head of Sales and Relationship Management at NYSE, for providing a warm welcome and opening remarks.

Keynote speaker Weiyee In provided an overview of the EU Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finances and its proposal to create a taxonomy for sustainable activities, particularly on the implications and impact on equity research. This led to a discussion by meeting participants on ways in which the EU’s direction toward sustainable growth could impact equity research and on potential ways that the proposed taxonomy could fit into the RIXML standards. Roman Kitov provided the Treasurer’s Report, and RIXML Standards Committee Chair Sal Restivo highlighted the progress made during the prior quarter, as indicated by the 11 committee and working group meetings that had occurred since the prior Quarterly Meeting. Additionally, Deirdre Goldenbogen provided a wrapup of the RIXML Interactions Standard v2.0 release, and James F Ulrich shared the results of a recent member survey.

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