ESG Working Group - June 2023 update
Don Sharp from Citi shared the following update on the ESG Working Group at the June 2023 RIXML all-member meeting. The slides accompanying this update can be found here.
The ESG Working Group has been meeting to identify ways to enhance the RIXML standards to make ESG tagging more relevant and meaningful. This means ensuring that the standards allow:
  • producers to apply more accurate and meaningful ESG-related descriptions of the content they produce.
  • vendors to develop tools to better aggregate and organize content.
  • consumers to find the ESG-related content they are looking for – when searching and via alerts – whether they are accessing the content via subscriptions, push distribution, aggregators, or portals.
The seven meetings this group have had thus far have had emphasis on the following:
  • looking at use cases – what type of reports are being produced, and what is on the horizon.
  • investigating which of the current taxonomies are gaining traction, and which best suit the needs of our content.
  • discussing the Scoring landscape, and determining whether that is sufficiently developed for us to include tagging for it in the v3.0 standard.
Planning for RIXML v3.0 – and beyond
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RIXML v3.0 Initiative - June 2023 update
At the June quarterly RIXML all-member meeting, Sal Restivo provided an update on the status of the project to develop the next version of our standards - RIXML v3.0. The slide presentation can be found here, and a summary is as follows:

The Friday Topic Series was well attended, and provided a chance to discuss a wide variety of issues related to changes we are considering for the upcoming version. Videos for some of those meetings are on the website; others will be added. We encourage firms to watch these videos to understand the changes we are considering, and to provide your input and feedback.

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Our Friday Topic Series has concluded; however, we are in the process of making replays of the presentation portion of many of these meetings available.  These videos include the list of questions we would like your input on as we plan for RIXML v3.0, so feel free to watch them and let us know your thoughts - and feel free to share them with your colleagues as well!



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