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Having a voice in the development of our standards is one of the key benefits of RIXML membership. As we finalize the plans for v3.0 and move into the development phase, it is imperative that we hear from you. We are also looking for experts on certain topics to provide guidance in our decision-making. This article outlines the input we need.  We hope all RIXML member firms will help us to shape the next version of our standards.
We need all RIXML member firms to add their voice to the development of the next version of the RIXML Standards. This is a major release, and we want to make sure your firm helps guide its development. Please read the list below and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or let usk now how you would like to get involved.

Buyside firms:

  • What roadblocks do you encounter when you are trying to find research - what seems harder than it should be?
  • What ESG content do your investment professionals want to find - and are they able to find it?
  • Do you have any ESG content specialists or others who can help us understand how your investment professionals will be searching for ESG-related content? (We've heard from vendors and sellside firms, but we want to hear from you!)
Interaction specialists:
  • Can you help us review the Interaction Standard to help us update it to v3.0? (We do have at least one person helping with this, but would like to add more.)
Sellside firms:
  • Are you creating content that is challenging to tag because the current version of RIXML is insufficient in some way?
  • If you are using linkbacks to distribute information about content on your site to aggregation vendors, are you facing any challenges in tagging your content?
  • Are you hearing from clients about difficulty finding your research content?
  • Do you currently have to use "PublisherDefined" for terms you think should be in our enumeration lists?
  • Can you help us review the RIXML enumeration lists?
  • Are any of the terms you need missing?
  • Are you familiar with using XML name spaces to manage controlled vocabulary lists? If so, can you help us understand the pros and cons?
  • Can you help us review our release candidate before we publicize it for our comment period?
  • Can you help us test the release candidate? (The more testing we can do, the better!!!)
  • Can you contribute sample RIXML files? 
  • Can you help us understand what mistakes or gaps you commonly see in incoming RIXML files? Do you have any recommendations for improving our tagging or documentation to help prevent them?
  • Are you seeing content tagged with "PublisherDefined" for terms you think should be in our enumeration lists?
  • As you are building your ESG capabilities, what ESG tagging will be important for incoming research to have?

Send your input or request more information by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Friday session ad

Our Friday Topic Series has concluded; however, we are in the process of making replays of the presentation portion of many of these meetings available.  These videos include the list of questions we would like your input on as we plan for RIXML v3.0, so feel free to watch them and let us know your thoughts - and feel free to share them with your colleagues as well!



Tagging of Non-Standard Research