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RIXML version 2.3 is principally motivated by the desire to improve clarity and respond to lessons learned from using the schema in production over an extended period of time. The organization has received excellent feedback from its member firms stemming from implementation projects and substantial exposure to real instance documents produced industry-wide.

Weve improved the definitions of more than 120 of the enumerated values governing restricted tags throughout the schema. We hope this will reduce confusion and corral the breadth of interpretations for these values weve seen in the field.

Weve also seen many cases where publishers elected to populate tags with default values in the absence of reliable, accurate values. This practice leads to inaccurate tags, which, naturally, we view as worse than absent tags. So, weve loosened tag cardinalities where beneficial.

Version 2.3 does not break backward-compatibility with version 2.2. That is, a RIXML instance document that validates against version 2.2 will also validate against version 2.3.

User Guide

The purpose of the User Guide is to assist readers in their understanding of the RIXML specification. It outlines the approach we took in creating the RIXML standard and also explains some fundamental concepts such as XML, object modeling, schemas, etc. Diagrams of the RIXML object model are included as are definitions for the elements and attributes.

Download the User Guide (.pdf)

Release Notes

This document highlights the changes between version 2.3 of the RIXML specification and version 2.3.1.

Download the Release Notes (.pdf)


The RIXML Schema is the actual XSD files that represent the relationships and components as defined by the object model. These files can also be used to validate instance documents to ensure they are RIXML-compliant. Beginning with this release, the RIXML schema is now distributed as a set of three files, as described in the Release Notes.

Download the RIXML Schema: Main | Common | Data Types (.xsd)

Current Version Sample Files

Sample Company Report_Basic
Sample Economics Report_Basic
Sample Industry Report_Basic
Sample Morning Call Report_Basic
Sample Company Report_Advanced
Sample Economics Report_Advanced
Sample Industry Report_Advanced
Sample Morning Call Report_Advanced